ADC creates partner ecosystem offering simple, cost efficient infrastructure modernisation and data security for government

ADC infrastructure data security

More efficient and cost effective inter-agency data sharing and access to mainframe data are among the benefits of a partnership between Australian Data Centres and Mainframe Cloud.

ADC Chief Executive Officer Megan James said the partnership was timely and the first in a  wider strategic alliance partner ecosystem offering to government.  

“It’s exciting as it supports the well-publicised direction towards ‘integrated information management strategies’ throughout government,” Ms James said.

“Large volumes of federal and state government agency data reside on mainframes and extracting and transforming this data is often inherently complicated and expensive.

“The partnership with Mainframe Cloud will allow our clients to positively impact inter-agency data sharing by allowing data to be extracted to a private ASD-certified cloud environment with minimal set-up and zero
additional infrastructure.“ 

Ms James said the solution also allowed mainframe data to be merged with other data sources.

“The Mainframe Cloud connection is real-time and persistent, and allows data to be interrogated on demand. Business rules to clean-up the data can be written in most modern programming languages before or after extraction. This eliminates the need for legacy code.“ 

Ms James said business rules also allowed the process to be automated and eliminated the need for extensive manual clean-up of any exchanged data. The technology was already in place at a federal agency and is in the process of being installed by a state government agency.

Mainframe Cloud co-founder and CEO Ben Pearson said the partnership with ADC would be attractive to agencies that wanted to realise real information management efficiencies. 

“Partnering with ADC is a great way of enabling their clients to realise efficiencies and cost savings when accessing their corporate mainframe,” Mr Pearson said.

“It will allow them to expedite their information management so they can be more agile and responsive to their stakeholders.“

Australian Data Centres is the only 100 per cent privately Australian owned and operated data centre in Australia. Mainframe Cloud is 100 per cent privately owned and is based at the Stone & Chalk fintech hub in Sydney

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