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Flexible & efficient cooling

Our central services enable our clients the most efficient and flexible cooling options, including precision cooling for high density requirements, and access to all cooling options if and when required.

Environmental & precision control

Standard cooling occurs from under a raised floor environment into a containment unit. Our primary cooling system uses chilled water in an N+1 Configuration, and passive cooling technology via heat exchanger. Secondary cooling comes from Computer Room Air Conditioning Units (CRAC) located outside the data hall. Flexibility in our model allows for either cold aisle or hot aisle containment systems, and precision in-row cooling with either N+1 single feeds or A&B feeds, with or without standard room control.

ADC puts all of its CRACS outside of the data hall allowing maintenance to happen without people having access to the data hall. This is just another security measure in place for customers.

The flexibility in the ADC model allows for either cold aisle or hot aisle containment systems.  For our cooling brochure tap the button below.

Total redundancy

Redundancy (noun): the inclusion of extra components, which are not strictly necessary to functioning, in case of failure in other components.
Total redundancy means ADC has had no downtime in its operating history.

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