The next generation data centre

Australian Data Centres has 3,000m2 of technical space designed for total redundancy. It’s currently maintainable with no single point of failure and has had no downtime in its operating history. ADC’s model is highly flexible, allowing a choice of technology and purchase on a consumption based model – from a single rack to private suites and larger footprints. Racks with power densities of up to 33kW can be custom built to your specific requirements. ADC’s design is based on a central services model that is highly efficient, providing the whole data floor with services. This allows your footprint to be just that – your footprint – without having to pay for extra floor space for in-row coolers and other technologies.


Australian Data Centres has its own
dedicated colocation area.


Australian Data Centres is fully connected and offers a choice of access to multiple carriers, including dark fibre providers. There are two telco rooms for diversity, with entry via north and south ends of the building. There is no crossover of paths, creating true diversity.

to the Clouds

Australian Data Centres offers high
speed links to the major cloud
providers while also hosting cloud
providers in the facility.

Early detection
and active protection

Australian Data Centres employ a sophisticated early smoke detection protection plan in the unlikely case of an emergency. This includes a pre-action sprinkler system above and below raised floors, dry pipe format and VESDA detection. Leak detection sensors for water are active throughout the data centre.

The technical specifications of Australian Data Centres covers

High Level Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Fire and Critical

Protection Services

Architectural Central

Download our detailed technical specifications document

Total redundancy

Redundancy (noun): the inclusion of extra components, which are not strictly necessary to functioning, in case of failure in other components.
Total redundancy means ADC has had no downtime in its operating history.

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