Efficiency, flexibility and redundancy

Designed for maximum efficiency, flexibility and total redundancy, our world-class infrastructure delivers technologically advanced data centre solutions for your unique requirements.

Our Technical and Cooling  components enable our efficiency, and your flexibility, two important factors when it comes to data centres. 

Our electrical infrastructure means we are in control, not a power supply company.

Australian Data Centres removes the burden from national critical infrastructure organisations by providing the highest level of cybersecurity and data management capabilities.

In action, our technology means you’re paying for the services, power and space you use, and not a cent more.

Discuss what this means for your department or company with one of our helpful data experts today.

Total redundancy

Redundancy (noun): the inclusion of extra components, which are not strictly necessary to functioning, in case of failure in other components.
Total redundancy means ADC has had no downtime in its operating history.