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ADC offering Canberra’s only chilled room experience
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Australian Data Centres

We recognise the diversity in individual organisations.

Australian Data Centres provides a highly flexible offering that can be custom built to an organisations requirements. From a single rack in ADC’s colocation area to a shared or private suite. ADC’s infrastructure runs on central services and can support a number of space options including

Single Racks


Caged Areas

Private Suites

High Density

ADC’s data centre has the capacity for 3000m2 of raised floor technical space, built in stages and is T4 Zone 4 secure in the Data Halls.

There are precision cooling options available for high density requirements. ADC can also provide space on the slab if that is a preferred option depending on the rack technology being used. ADC does not dictate the technology to be used and has partnerships in place with a variety or organisations for the supply of racks and containment systems.

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