Australian Data Centres

Your 100% Australian Data Centre solution

Welcome to Australian Data Centres, your Australian choice in data centre solutions and services located in Canberra. We are the only Australian owned and operated data centre in Australia, keeping your data and information safe in Australia, not offshore. We give you flexibility, technical excellence, experience and options on security levels for your critical infrastructure requirements.

Our world-class infrastructure is highly secure and redundant as an independently certified Tier III Data Centre (Uptime Institute) with no single point of failure and T4 government security standards.

Tried & proven choice

A tried and proven Canberra data centre, we house commercial and government clients requiring highly sophisticated and customised solutions for their critical infrastructure. Our clients’ security is paramount.

Service like you matter

What you can expect is personal service from our expert team like you matter – because, quite simply, you do. Discuss your unique cloud and data centre requirements with one of our experts today, call (02) 6185 0249 or email

Tier III Data Centre independently certified by the Uptime Institute



Australian Data Centres has 3,000m2 of technical space designed for total redundancy. It’s currently...


Our central services enable our clients the most efficient and flexible cooling options including precision...


The electrical infrastructure can support power densities up to 33KW per rack. Designed for complete control...


Australian Data Centres gives real time access to the information you need to see remotely. We have full...